1841 C $5 NGC AU 55 Popular Branch MInt Issue

$5,460 New

Service: NGC | Rating: AU 55

The 1841-C half eagle is seen more frequently than most of the other early-date Charlotte-minted half eagles. Most of the coins offered for sale are in the grade range of Extremely Fine to About Uncirculated. The Smithsonian has two examples of the date, both high-end About Uncirculated coins. Mint State examples of the 1841-C half eagle are rare, but are seen on occasion. There are probably about a dozen coins that are truly Mint State. One of the finest known coins of the date is the wonderful John J. Pittman example, which has been graded MS-64 by NGC. It was sold in 1998 for $42,350. Pittman purchased the coin in a large lot from the sale of the Farouk Collection in 1954. The Bareford Collection 1841-C half eagle is reportedly very choice as well.

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