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Robert Agress

I am the executor of my wife's mother's estate. Included in the estate were my wife's late father's 28 slabbed/graded American gold pieces and 18 ungraded American and foreign gold pieces. I am a coin collector "from way back", but as a nongraded silver coin collector, I knew that I was "out of my league" when it came to properly liquidating these gold pieces without good professional guidance and assistance. I contacted a few possible sellers and showed the pieces to two of them. After obtaining bids, I was very, very satisfied with only one - i got "low ball" offers from others. Because I felt more confident in evaluating brokers, I reached out for more, as I was not comfortable with only one source. This is when I found Bob Harwell.

I emailed him the Sunday morning after Thanksgiving, and heard back from him early the next morning. He was on his way to the airport but wanted to touch base with me knowing that I was in the final stages of beginning the liquidation. I emailed him my holdings and requested a rough set of itemized bids, which he promptly provided with the understanding that he would need to see the collection before the bids were firm. Bob was very patient with me and my inability to meet him to show them to him because of my "loaded" schedule.

We met on a Thursday morning a little over two weeks after his first contact. He carefully inspected the pieces and gave me firm bids on each. I agreed to sell a number of them to him immediately and explained that I was unsure about the remaining pieces at that time. Bob fully accepted my situation and asked me to keep in touch with him. I ended up selling him more within the week, and we concluded our business.

I am very fortunate to have found Bob Harwell when I did. The collection is liquidated and I am satisfied with the results. I truly believe that Hancock and Harwell can offer high return to sellers because they are "high profile" in the market which enables them to have more potential buyers for what one is selling. Possessing this favorable position alone opens up a wider market. Combining this with Bob's knowledge, experience, integrity, and straightforwardness makes Hancock and Harwell a very wise option to take if you are in a selling situation.

Feel free to call me at 478-237-3753 for an expanded testimony of my profitable AND ENJOYABLE experience!


I have known Bob Harwell in a business manner for many years and have found him to be knowledgeable and reliable. As a computer services provider and investor, I have spent many hours working with him over two decades. I have been impressed with his in-depth know-how of precious metal markets and trust him to give honest and well considered opinions. You can trust him to do what he says in a timely and correct fashion.

Candace Long

I have worked with Bob at Hancock & Harwell since the late 90's, and trust them implicitly. They understand the metals market, as well as the concerns many of us have in the present economic climate. Bob has advised me well, and directed me to the right strategy for me and my family. He does not "hype" or try to push something on me, which I appreciate. Rather, he takes time to listen to my concerns and together we arrive at a strategic financial direction. Another thing I have come to trust is that Bob is diligent about keeping up with all sides of the financial picture. He is a wealth of information, and wise in his counsel.

M. Osborne

I needed to sell some American eagle silver bullion coins to complete several projects around the house that my wife had been wanting for a while. So, I called some of the local coin dealers in my area. I was really surprised and disgusted at the price they were trying to purchase them from me when compared to the current market value. Consequently, I went to the U.S. Mint via the internet, found Bob in Atlanta as an authorized dealer, made contact with him, and was elated to find him to be more than fair, honest, and trustworthy. As a result of this interaction, I will be making the 2 hour drive to deal with him from this point forward. Knowing you can trust the person that you are dealing with means a lot to me and from my interaction with Bob, you can trust him.

R. Brown

I have dealt with many coin dealers,but when I dealt with Bob the service he gave me on selling some coins was a real improvement. He gave me a very fair price for them and Bob is so easy to talk to, just a real good guy. I just wish I had known about him earlier.

M. Schreiber

In an industry that seems to have more than its share of shady dealers, Bob Harwell is a refreshing surprise. He is straight up and approaches his business with honesty, openness, and integrity.

D. Rose

Bob is a man of integrity and someone I completely trust.

I have both sold and purchased large amounts of bullion from him, and every time the transactions were fair and above board.

H. Lindenbaum

I was very pleased with the Dahlonega Mint coin I purchased from you. It was very accurately described. I look forward to doing business again.

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