Why Invest With Hancock & Harwell?

Hancock & Harwell offers the high level of responsibility and trust that you and your clients demand.

  • Ease of order placement.
  • Guaranteed delivery.
  • Third-party depository facilities for clients who prefer to have coins and precious metals held for them.
  • Informative, timely information on market conditions and buy-sell recommendations.
  • Educational workshops and materials for broker-dealers and their clients.

With Hancock & Harwell, you receive:

  • Unsurpassed numismatic and trading expertise.
  • Fast, efficient execution of all transactions at current market prices.
  • Certified, and third party graded coins traded in the U.S. coin market.
  • State-of-the-art support systems.
  • Unequaled knowledge of rare coin market trends.
  • Comprehensive understanding of developments in markets.

Hancock & Harwell clients have ready access to the rare coin and precious metals markets without relinquishing their or the confidentiality of their own client lists.

Hancock & Harwell will protect broker-client relationships. Hancock & Harwell was founded and continues under the guidance of two of the most knowledgeable and experienced rare coin dealers and traders in the U.S.

The Right Firm

Hancock & Harwell is a full-service rare coin and precious metals clearing firm serving, investors, collectors, institutional brokers and advisors. Hancock & Harwell has assembled a highly skilled and professional team to assure collectors, brokers, investment advisors, and their clients that purchasing rare coins or precious metals need be no more confusing or difficult than buying stocks or bonds. Hancock & Harwell specializes in serving the sophisticated investor / collection and financial services industry.

The Right Strategy

Hancock & Harwell is positioned to provide investors, collectors, broker/dealers, futures commission merchants, introducing brokers, financial planners, bankers, and anyone who provides portfolio advice with access to this burgeoning market at the highest level.

The Right Choice

The time is right for you and your client to participate in this dynamic market. Rare coin and precious metals investments have moved into the mainstream financial marketplace, and Hancock & Harwell gives you the edge to be at the forefront to this significant opportunity.

We are confident that Hancock & Harwell is your right choice because of our

  • Commitment to the finest products and services.
  • Comprehensive, state-of-the-art operations systems.
  • Proven leadership with integrity, ability, and performance record.

Hancock & Harwell’s principals are founding members of PGGS and NGC as well as the Certified Coin Exchange, which provides the nation’s leading coin dealers with the information to make the right trading decisions. Through Certified Coin Exchange’s automated quotation system for approved, certified-graded coins, Hancock & Harwell’s sophisticated computer programs assimilate the necessary information to analyze market prices and provide comprehensive market information.